Refer a friend

Refer a friend

You know working out with a friend is always more rewarding; you’ll have loads more fun plus you’re more likely to reach your fitness goals.

Refer a friend today and you’ll get £25 worth of vouchers to spend in the club when they join us.

Spend it on drinks, snacks & smoothies in the café, Personal Training or our kids crèche. It’s the easiest £25 you’ll ever make!

Simply fill in your friends details below and we’ll send them a free 1 day pass to get them started.

Your friends' email addresses will only be used in conjunction with this 'Refer a Friend' offer. By entering the email addresses of your friends you are confirming that you have obtained their consent for this. Please note, you will be stated as the person who has made this recommendation in the email to your friend.

Terms & conditions apply. One pass per person in any 12 month period. Club specific restrictions may apply. For full terms & conditions please contact your preferred Club. Ex members may not use a free 1 day pass.